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Instructor: Mrs. Marquez & Mrs. Garcia   

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My name is Amy Marquez and I am excited to be back for my third year as librarian for the 2010-2011 school year at North San Juan Elementary school.  Mrs. Garcia will be assisting me. Our goal for the school year is 90,000 AR points.  Please help us meet our goal by reading and testing.  Meet us for family time at the library the first Monday of each month from 3:15-4:30. 

Have a question about the library?
  Email me at or call

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."-- Margaret Fuller
Library Announcements
2nd Grade Picnic
2nd grade picnic- Children's Book Week 2011 on PhotoPeach
1st Grade Picnic
1st Grade Picnic- Children's Book Week 2011 on PhotoPeach
Pre-K Read With Me Picnic
Pre-K Read With Me Picnic- Children's Book Week 2011 on PhotoPeach
Kinder Read with Me Picnic
Kinder Read With Me Picnic- Children's Book Week 2011 on PhotoPeach
Author Birthday Party

PSJA Memorial HS Orchestra visits NSJE!

JayDee from Mrs. Guerra's class.

Anyssa from Mrs. Orendain's class.

Odalys from Mrs. Guerra's class.

Destiny from Mr. Gonzalez's class.
Children's Book Week is May 2-6

Author Claudia Villarreal Visits Our School!

Mrs. Orendain's 2nd Grade Class makes cards for the author

Mrs. Guerra's 2nd grade class made a class book for the author

The Alphabet Thief visits North San Juan Elementary Library!
Student Books Displayed at Open House

NSJE Book Publishing Project

Students published books through Student Treastures company.  Their work will be on display during open house at the library.  Please stop by to admire their work.  They did an awesome job and we are sooooo proud of them!

4th Six Weeks Field Trip
The trip to the ZONE action park will be on 3/11/11.

The top 20 students in grades K-5 will go on the field trip.  Students must have a 70% average or higher.

Play the Wii at the library!
Students in grades 3-5 will be playing the wii at the library if they met their AR goal by the end of the 3rd week of the six weeks.  If they double their points by the end of the six weeks they will have a chance to play the wii again.
Good luck!  I want to see everyone playing the wii at the library!
Schedule to Play the Wii at the Library
Last Day to Get Your Points
Double Your points
Play the wii 2/21-2/25
3rd grade= 32 points
4th grade= 36 points
5th grade= 40 points
Meet Your Goal
Play the wii 3/28-4/1
3rd grade= 16 points
4th grade= 18 points
5th grade= 20 points
Double Your points
Play the wii 4/11-4/15
3rd grade= 32 points
4th grade= 36 points
5th grade= 40 points
Meet Your Goal
Play the wii 5/2-5/6
3rd grade= 16 points
4th grade= 18 points
5th grade= 20 points
Double Your points
Play the wii 5/16-5/20
3rd grade= 32 points
4th grade= 36 points
5th grade= 40 points
RIF Week at the Library
This week all students got a RIF book at the library!  Students in PreK- 2nd grade listened to "Big Bad Wolf" tales.  They heard Pedro The Brave, Wolf's Coming, and Little Red Riding Hood read by Mrs. Marquez with a wolf puppet.  Upper grades played the wii if they met their AR goal after selecting their free book.

Bluebonnet Club Participants 2011

3rd Six Weeks Cafeteria Party

3rd Six Weeks Field Trip to Peter Piper

Rate Your Favorite Bluebonnet Books
Click here to rate the books you read. 
Blueonnet Voting Today! 1/28/11
Today students in grades 3-5 that read at least 5 Bluebonnet Books from the 2010-2011 list will be voting for their favorite book at the library!  Participants will get a free book, certificate and get to vote online.
The following students met the criteria:
Lynette Rodriguez
Elisa B. Garza
Brandon Grimaldo
Ulises Cavazos
Esther Vargas
Brandon Montes
Vladimir Herrera
Haille Marquez
Diana Jaime
More Millionaires!
Hannah Riojas
kaylah Tijerina
Vanessa Salazar
Krista Flores
Ulises Cavazos
Alyssa Martinez
Abraham Galindo
Haille Marquez
Brandon Lopez
Cain Rodriguez
Anyssa Garza
Book Club Projects Due 1/28/11
Students in participating classes are publishing their own books through Student Treasures.  All projects are due by 1/28/11.
New Millionaire's Club Members
Reynaldo Pina
Kaylah Tijerina
Brandon Grimaldo
Hannah Riojas
Priscilla Rios
Beatriz Salazar
Great JOB!
Have you met your AR GOAL yet?
Right now we have over 28,000+ AR POINTS!  Keep up the good work.  Read, read, READ!
RIF WEEK- Learn about ancient Egypt

Click here to find out all about hieroglyphics and ancient Egypt.
Go on an Egyptian Tomb Adventure!
Find out how the Ancient Egyptians Dressed.
Play the Temple Stores Game.
New Millionaire's Club Members
Congratulations to Brandon Grimaldo and Hannah Riojas!
Ebooks- Now until Dec. 15th--Check them out!
password: activity

Now until Dec. 15th.
Boxtops due by 12/10 for 1st Raffle
Please turn in all boxtops and raffle ticket by 12/10/11 to be included in the first raffle.  Five winners will be drawn and they will receive a goodie bag filled with books, snacks and toys.  GOOD LUCK!

Just a reminder: We do collect boxtops year round and we will have another raffle in May 2011.
3rd Six Weeks AR Field Trip

On Jan. 14, 2011, we will be going on a tour of the University of Texas Pan American to learn about the college and visit the planetarium.  Then we will be going to Peter Piper Pizza in Alamo for lunch.  The top 20 students with the most AR points and a 70% average or higher will attend the field trip.
2nd Six Weeks Field Trip to IMAS

Millionaire's Club 2010-2011
Students who read a million words and earn a 80% or higher average will be in the Millionaire's Club.  Our first two millionaires are Vladimir Herrera and Petra Garcia.

GREAT job!
RIF Week At the Library

The Rink 1st Six Weeks Field Trip

2nd Six Weeks AR Field Trip
Our students will be going to IMAS (Internation Museum of Arts and Sciences) for their second field trip.  The top 20 AR students in each grade level will be able to go on the trip.  Students must maintain a 70% average or higher, plus have an average reading level close to their grade level.  For example, a fifth grader must have a 4.0 average (4th grade) or higher to participate, a fourth grader must have a 3.0 average to participate, etc.  

On this field trip students will have sack lunches at Rioscape (at IMAS) and then enjoy the interactive displays and tour the museum.   

Millionaire's 2009-2010
Congratulations to last year's millionaires! 
Stephanie Hernandez 
Kayla Ruiz
Alyssa Martinez 
Natalya Montes
Juliana Flores 
Phillip Garcia
Alexandra Martinez 
Iris Torres
Adrian Barrios 
Abigail Alvarez
Hannah Riojas 
Mya Flores
Ulises Cavazos 
Marcus Vargas
Krista Flores 
Catherine Flores
Luis G. Solis 
Linzy Plascencia
Cassandra Castillo
Petra Garcia

Reynaldo Pina

Victoria Cobos

Vladimir Herrera

Noah Ruiz

Diego Washington

Kayla Diaz

Haille Marquez

Jacklyn Moreno

Andrea Lopez
Gilbert Saenz

Family Time at the library
The first Monday of every month we will have extended library hours for family time at the library.  Parents are invited to come read with their children from 3:15-4:30 at the library.

See you there 9/6/10!
1st Six Weeks AR Field Trip

The first six weeks the top 20 ar testers in each grade (K-5) will be going to The Rink, a new skating rink on Raul Longoria road. 

Read, read, read!
New AR Enterprise is up and running!
AR Enterprise (click here to take a test in school)

Students can now access more than 140,000 AR quizzes at our school.  This means they will be able to read books from the public library or bookstore and most will be testable.

Please click here to check the book level and points.
BRIGHT Summer Reader Winners
Kinder- Kaitlyn Garcia
1st grade- Joseph Anthony Orendain
2nd grade- Rachel Gutierrez
3rd grade- Gilbert Saenz
4th grade- Hannah Riojas
5th grade- Beatriz Salazar

Great job readers!  These students read the most in their grade level during the summer.  They will be honored in an awards cermony on Sept. 15, 2010.
BRIGHT Summer Reader Forms Due

I hope you had a great summer!  I did a lot of reading...I hope you did too. 

Please turn in your summer reading logs to the library by Friday August 27, 2010.  You can get an extra copy of the log from the librarian.  The child who read the most in each grade level during the summer will be recognized at our BRIGHT summer reader ceremony in September.  All students who turn in a log will receive a certificate of participation. 
Summer is here!
Don't forget to read READ READ this summer!  The BRIGHT summer reader logs were sent out on the last day of school with report cards.  Make sure to log only the new books you read.

Barnes and Noble is having a reading program 8 books and get a free book (from a selected list of books.)  Stop by Barnes and Noble to pick up your reading log.

Pharr Memorial Library is have a summer reading program as well along with daily activities at the library.  Stop by the library for a calendar and sign up. 

I can't wait to see you in the library in AUGUST 2010!
Pasta For Pennies Field Trip

Students in Mrs. Martinez's 2nd grade class were treated to a spaghetti luncheon at Olive Garden and a tour of Barnes and Noble for raising the most money at our campus for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of South Texas.  In total our school raised more that $6,700!  It hasn't been finalized yet, but as of a week ago that was the most money raised in the state of Texas! 

Millionaire's Field Trip 5/7/10
All our millionaires will be treated to lunch at Mimi's Cafe and shopping at Barnes and Noble.  Congratulations to all the students who met this goal!
RIF Week at the Library

During the month of April, all students in Pre-K through 5th grades got to choose a free book to add to their home libraries.  We also hosted parties at the cafeteria this week to reward our top readers. 
Playaways are Here!
Mrs. Marquez applied for a grant to purchase MP3 players for the library so students could listen to audiobooks.  These audiobooks in MP3 Player format are called playaways.  We are happy to announce that these playaways arrived this month and based on teacher recommendation students were able to begin checking them out.  Please see some images below of some of the 4th graders enjoying the playaways.

Congratulations to our Millionaires!
In order to be a millionaire, students must read at least a million words and maintain a 90% average or higher.  The following students have met this goal:
Stephanie H.
Alyssa M.
Juliana F.
Hannah R.
Krista F.
Petra G.
Reynaldo P.
Victoria C.
Noah R.
Diego W.
Haille M.
Jacklyn M.
Kayla R.
Iris T.
Mya F.

Joe Hayes Visits the Library
Students in grades 1-3 (and a few special guests from Mrs. Zamudio's class and bookclub members) enjoyed a storytelling performance by author Joe Hayes.  In the first session he told, "El Pollito Mas Chiquito" shown below.  He also told "La Tragadabas" and "Ghost Fever" in later performances.  School board member Gilbert Herrera was also able to attend our presentation.
Phone Conference with Derek Landy
Today our bookclub members got to talk on the phone with Derek Landy from Dublin, Ireland.  He was so much fun to talk to and the students had a great time asking him questions. 

I am so proud of the students for their great phone etiquette.  
35,000+ AR Points!
Way to go!  Right now we have over 35,000 AR Points right now.  Let's keep up the good work.
Skulduggery Pleasant Book Club Preformance

Powered by

Please click the link above to listen to our book club members preform a short play from Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.
2nd Six Weeks Book Club Book

3rd-5th Grade are invited to participate in the Book Club for the 2nd Six Weeks.  The book is Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.

Book Club Guidelines

1.  This book is 4.9 reading level.  You must be reading this level to borrow the book.

2.  You must read and test on this book for the first time by the end of the six weeks (10/30/09)

3.  Your AR test score on this book must be 70 or higher.

4.  Everyone who passes the AR test will be invited for a book club meeting held in November.

5.  A new book club book will be available during the 3rd, 4th and 5th six weeks.

6.  Only 40 people will be allowed to join the book club each six weeks, based on first come first served.

7. The book must be returned by the end of the six weeks.
8.  Ask Mrs. Marquez for details.

Bright Summer Reader Celebration
The Bright Summer Reader Celebration was held on 9/22/09 for the top readers in each grade level.  We got to see a performance by Chuchin the clown as well as enjoy snacks and prizes. 
Check out our podcast
A podcast is an audio recording.  It reminds me of old time radio shows.  We will be using podcasting to have students as well as the librarian review books.  Please check back often to see our new reviews.
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